ClickDeploy’s Deployment Options from Git

1. Incremental Build

  • Adheres most to Salesforce best practices. Enforces the git branch as the source of truth without deploying the entire branch every time there is an incremental change committed.
  • More reliable for rollbacks.
  • Avoids messy branch strategies
  • May not fit with a team’s current development strategy.

2. Selected Components From base Branch

  • Can restrict auto-deploy of certain metadata types and set the job to deploy only those you outline.
  • Can be useful for ad-hoc deployments or hotfixes where only a few selected components need to be included in the deployments.
  • Does not enforce the entire git branch being the source of truth which could cause issues downstream.
  • Can miss other types if not outlined in other CI Jobs or deployments.

3. Everything From base Branch

  • Branch will reflect what is in Org.
  • Base branch must truly reflect what you desire to be deployed to the Target Org.
  • Direct changes within the Salesforce Org will automatically be reverted

4. Differences Between base Branch & Another Branch

  • Sprint branches can be used by teams currently following this structure in git.
  • This requires cloning the branch in the repository and cannot be done within ClickDeploy.

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