How Can ClickDeploy Help Your Enterprise Team?

Collaboration is important in any business environment, but it’s crucial for the success of enterprise-level development teams.

Dev team members not only have to keep the team’s larger goals on track, they also have to continuously work on their own pieces of the deployment. Especially when it comes to Salesforce change deployment, large teams and a lack of communication often lead to poor workflows and process bottlenecks. That’s where ClickDeploy comes in.

ClickDeploy makes it easy for your enterprise’s dev team to deploy new change sets more efficiently, without leaving room for communication breakdown. The platform includes a number of key features and Salesforce tools that encourage a collaborative enterprise workflow.

Time-Saving Features


Intuitive Controls



Searching and Filtering

Collaboration Improvements

Cloud Access

Team Collaboration

Once ClickDeploy establishes teams, it’s easy to collaborate. The platform allows teams to share deployments and orgs without sharing login access, reducing process conflicts and miscommunication.

Deployment Tools

Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD) Automation

ClickDeploy sets CI jobs as incremental builds that limit changes since the last successful build, rather than deploying the whole branch. This process is faster than doing the work manually and it adds protection against problems like overwriting.

Especially during the UAT phase, ClickDeploy’s CI/CD can help simplify and streamline your team’s workload. The platform integrates Continuous Integration (CI) tech with Git, reducing the repetitive, manual steps that are vulnerable to errors. Your team can release features daily or as soon as they are accepted in UAT, speeding up the whole process and reducing team frustration.

Source Control Improvements

ClickDeploy takes the pain out of Git by adding a clickable interface that your whole enterprise team can use. Your team can accomplish in a few clicks what used to take hours.

ClickDeploy offers a number of improvements to your team’s source control process, including:

  • Line-by-line code review that keeps all team members in sync about each change as it progresses
  • No “code clobbering” or overwriting — Git automatically catches merge conflicts
  • Pinpointing which line of code was changed, by whom, at which point in time, improving team communication
  • Backing up metadata incrementally, so you can revert to any previous state or sub-state

ClickDeploy uses Git features to support team discussions and a well-defined code review and approval process.

The inherent nature of Git as a distributed source control system usually leaves processes vulnerable to poor collaboration. Developers typically work locally and then sync their local copy of the repository with the other team member updates. ClickDeploy’s integrated Git collaboration platform empowers teams to create best practices that pave the way for smarter, more agile teamwork.

Project teams benefit when source code is transparent and handled consistently. Requiring full team approval for a change to be pushed to the target org, for example, reinforces Git as the team’s single source of truth. The result is improved accuracy and a reduction of accidental code overwrites.

One-Click Salesforce Deployment

ClickDeploy’s Salesforce deployment tools are 10 times faster than change sets. The deployment process is simple:

  1. Use ClickDeploy controls to select and validate changed components
  2. Click a button to deploy changes to the target org

That’s it. Eliminating time-consuming uploads means deployments start immediately and finish in minutes, not hours. One-click deployments add agility to your enterprise team’s entire process through improved speed, reduced frustration, and increased accuracy.

ClickDeploy Can Improve Your Enterprise Team Collaboration

Learn more about how ClickDeploy fosters team collaboration and sharing with a free three-week trial.