How Can ClickDeploy Help Your Enterprise Team?

Time-Saving Features

ClickDeploy Enterprise allows teams to transition toward a streamlined release process with several features aimed at saving time for team members and making workflows smoother.


ClickDeploy streamlines tasks and workflows throughout the change set process with features like clone and reuse. That means team members don’t need to perform manual, repetitive processes for each incoming change set.

Intuitive Controls

ClickDeploy’s intuitive user interface eliminates the need to create complex documentation or to spend time and resources on employee training. Users can complete most processes in just a few clicks.


Changes can be migrated in multiple directions thanks to robust source control integration. Rollbacks are more straightforward, and workgroup teams can grow throughout the project.


The ClickDeploy platform can be tailored to your team’s specific needs. There’s no need to wade through processes that don’t apply to your enterprise, and it’s simple to change up the way ClickDeploy helps you manage processes.

Searching and Filtering

ClickDeploy tools like smart filtering and grouping speed up the workflow. Your team members can almost instantly select any metadata they need to access.

Collaboration Improvements

Large, enterprise-level teams need robust collaboration features to support communication throughout the development process. ClickDeploy offers simple collaboration for teams and organizations of any size.

Cloud Access

ClickDeploy is a cloud-based platform that requires no installation and is always up-to-date. That means your team can easily work together in real time no matter where they are.

Team Collaboration

Automated team-building features encourage seamless collaboration, adding clarity and accountability to enterprise workflows. The platform automatically creates a team for each production org, then assigns all the employees who sign in to the same production org to the same team.

Deployment Tools

The platform also comes with a range of tools to simplify your team’s use of Salesforce and streamline the deployment process.

Continuous Integration/Deployment (CI/CD) Automation

Teams can set up full CI/CD capability in just a few clicks. CI integrates, tests, and deploys batches of code to production in small, more frequent intervals. At the same time, team members can safely test different code batches.

Source Control Improvements

With ClickDeploy, your admins and developers move changes from Salesforce sandboxes to a Git repository. It may seem counterintuitive to imagine that a move to Git would streamline the deployment process. After all, Git is notoriously complicated, and using it typically requires a substantial investment in training.

  • No “code clobbering” or overwriting — Git automatically catches merge conflicts
  • Pinpointing which line of code was changed, by whom, at which point in time, improving team communication
  • Backing up metadata incrementally, so you can revert to any previous state or sub-state

One-Click Salesforce Deployment

In a given month, an enterprise team can spend hundreds of cumulative hours waiting on Salesforce change sets to upload to your orgs. That’s time that could be spent directly on development.

  1. Click a button to deploy changes to the target org

ClickDeploy Can Improve Your Enterprise Team Collaboration

ClickDeploy Enterprise offers a number of benefits to your development teams, from Salesforce automation to a reliable, single source of truth. Empower your enterprise team to deploy faster with fewer errors and less frustration with ClickDeploy.



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