Quick Version Deployment of Salesforce Packages after UAT

UAT and the end user

Remember that UAT is all about the user, not the developer. This testing phase evaluates whether users find the experience of using your product straightforward and intuitive or clunky and frustrating.

The typical UAT process

UAT occurs after the functional testing phase. The tester might be an actual potential end user, but this role is often fulfilled by DevOps team members.

  1. Are the controls intuitive?
  2. How long does it take to load different aspects?
  3. Can I use this product to complete my primary objective?
  4. Do I see unnecessary items that detract from the product?
  5. How does the overall experience feel?

Common UAT issues

Development teams working within a typical UAT framework have to confront several frustrating pain points, most of which are centered on confusing or redundant processes.

UAT, ClickDeploy style

ClickDeploy can put an end to the chaos.

  1. ClickDeploy CI picks up the changes, and the incremental CI deploys the feature to the UAT environment.
  2. After the feature has gone through UAT and has been accepted, the administrator or developer submits a second pull targeting the master branch.
  3. ClickDeploy sends notifications to designated team leads for final approval.
  4. Changes are queued up in the master branch, ready for production deployments.
  5. Deployment can happen by webhook, scheduling, or manually.

ClickDeploy is faster (and better)

The real magic happens when it’s time to commit changes to the master. By this point, most of the changes have also been incorporated into the release’s Git master throughout the process, thanks to CI. With a simple click, a DevOps team member can commit the changes to the Git master instead of a branch for the final release build.

Try ClickDeploy

ClickDeploy provides enterprise-grade release management powered by the benefits of source control and continuous delivery. To explore how ClickDeploy can help simplify and streamline your Salesforce deployment checklist with integrated deployment tools in Salesforce, log in to start your free three-week trial.



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