Why ClickDeploy Is the Best Version Control for Your Enterprise Team

What Is Version Control?

In DevOps, version control is a system that stores and tracks changes to projects over time. Version control systems have two main components:

  1. A working copy

Types of Version Control

Version control systems are either centralized or distributed.

Version Control Issues With Salesforce Tools

Often times, enterprise teams forgo version control because of the way Salesforce is structured and how it functions. Teams that utilize Salesforce change sets deploy directly from Sandbox to Production. This method exposes teams to a host of potential project-halting problems.

  • Once code is pushed, it’s difficult to roll back.
  • Teams can’t view changes between versions.
  • Collaboration is inherently challenging.
  • The debugging process is manual and cumbersome.

Using Git for Version Control

Many enterprise development teams opt for a manual git workflow, which gives them some version control functionality. With git, a developer pushes the code to a git repository from the same local machine holding their code.

Using ClickDeploy Automation for Version Control

ClickDeploy adds automation to git processes. The platform empowers enterprise teams to have better control over changes by automatically moving them into a GitHub repository.

  • Integrated CI automatically deploys metadata from GitHub to production, enforcing GitHub as the source of truth.
  • Users cannot make changes directly in production.
  • There is no need for XML or ANT scripts.

Branching With Incremental Builds

Distributed version control systems like GitHub allow teams to create “branches” of the main project “trunk,” so changes can be tested without affecting the original project. As branches successfully go through testing and verification, they merge back with the main project. For enterprise DevOps teams, this branching ability adds a great deal of speed and stability to the process because multiple coders can work simultaneously without worrying about overwriting code and dependency issues.

Technical Barriers

The highly collaborative modern DevOps approach presents version control challenges for large enterprise teams. While it is useful to have developers, admins, and other employees working alongside one another, the Salesforce change process is difficult to understand for less technical team members.

  • Editing XML files
  • Learning git commands
  • Handling conflicts

ClickDeploy Takes the Pain Out of Version Control

ClickDeploy offers enterprise-grade release management with integrated, automated features to help teams develop better processes, including better Salesforce change management, version control, and continuous delivery practices.



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